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Clinical Knowledge and Expertise


Our clinical expertise in physical rehabilitation, chronic pain therapy, and the causes of movement limitations is grounded on the scientific, and holistic, principles of the occupational therapy healthcare profession.

Our continued training and education complements our core knowledge allowing us to continue to use research, science and new emerging techniques to improve conditions causing pain, limited mobility and decreased participation in life activities. We are continually trained on new evidence-based holistic techniques supported by scientific research to improve pain conditions and mobility.


All living creations have a physical body that is animated, or moves, using spiritual energy. At times the imbalance of spiritual energy can affect the function of the body. Just as a high dosage of unseen energy from the sun can cause sunburn. We don’t see it but we feel it. With our team of healing mediums who specialize in balancing energy of the body to reduce pain, and remove obstacles that affect the results of diagnostic imaging results, we are able to achieve results and answers that may not be available through traditional medical treatments