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Isotonix Nutraceuticals

WholePerson Therapeutics is committed to the entire recovery process. Nutrition plays a huge part in the healing process as nutrients balance your body’s insufficiency in order to facilitate safe and proficient function during any physical program.

WholePerson included nutrients as part of their services based on evidence suggesting the US population is deficient in nutrients.

By combining our Isotonix form of nutraceutical supplements with your physical health program we can optimize your physical health to expedited improvement in your physical health.

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Nutrition & Nutrients

Nutrition is the entire food consumption process and foods necessary for health, and growth.

Nutrients are the substances or compounds in food, such as vitamins and minerals, the body uses as fuel to facilitate the health and function of the body.

Natural Healing

Essential Oils

Essential oils has a biblical history of use for healing, cleansing, beautifying and blessing. They heal on many levels based on the influence it has on the body when applied. These influences, when clinically and appropriately applied initiates body reactions that facilitate healing.

Our therapeutic grade essential oils are pure and are extracted through a variety of methods, including cold pressing and steam distillation. They are undiluted or contaminated to ensure a pure therapeutic effect.